AllianceBernstein Expert Panel On Finding Growth In Value Stocks

Join a broad team from AllianceBernstein, including the Chief Market Strategist and multiple CIOs and research analysts, as they search for the growth stories in the value stock universe. 

WEBCAST – AB Disruptor Series – The Forgotten Style: Whatever Happened To Value?

Today’s investment world has been called a “factor zoo,” but value was arguably the first. With name-dropping candidates from Graham and Dodd to Fama and French to Warren Buffett, the original style, termed an investment “superfood,” earned that label by outpacing growth over the better part of a century.

The tide turned for value around the time of the global financial crisis (GFC), with its popularity fading as growth soared. Despite the slump, a lot is happening in the “other half.” At the index level—and more so among industry leaders—dozens of strong growth and market-share stories have largely flown under the radar, judging from asset flows and multiples.

It might be time to change that.

Register now for the latest AB Disruptor Series episode, where a panel of AB experts talks through the investment paradox of finding growth in value, including:

  • A brief history of the value style and an assessment of its long stretch of dominance
  • An analysis of the post-GFC style inflection and the results of a 15-year intersection of flow trends and styles
  • The state of value today and a tutorial on the ways to measure and categorize value
  • A tour of value’s growth leaders across industries—even in the AI space

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit