AKRU Delivers Democratized Access To Premium Real Estate

Will Powers, COO and Head of Capital Markets for AKRU joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel to discuss AKRU’s unique approach to simplify the way investors access quality real estate.

AKRU leverages powerful blockchain technology to fractionalize real estate assets, making quality commercial real estate available to investors for as little as $1,000. Historically, high minimum investments, liquidity challenges, and access to deal flow left many investors out of private real estate deals completely. On the other hand, real estate funds and REITs offer liquidity and easy access, but are often tied to stock market volatility. AKRU’s investment platform aims to offer investors the best of both worlds of private real estate and public REITs.

Through the AKRU platform, Investors can invest directly in a variety of real estate assets, securely manage their real estate portfolio, and share in the income and depreciation generated by each property. In tokenized real estate, investors have the choice of which property types and specific properties to add to or liquidate from their portfolio.

While other real estate platforms may require a minimum investment running close to six figures, AKRU’s platform has made it more affordable for RIAs and investors to allocate to tokenized real estate.  The benefit to investors will include partial ownership in multiple properties as well as enhanced liquidity and diversification within their real estate portfolio. 

For more information, register and watch AKRU’s webcast: Investing In Affordable Premium Real Estate Assets.

Recent technological advances and evolving fund structures have given investors greater access to direct commercial deals than ever before. Through the fractionalization of commercial real estate, AKRU provides the opportunity for wealth managers and advisors to invest in assets that were unavailable to them in the past. Please join us as our experts discuss:

  • Providing premium value to your clients through flexible, secure investing options
  • Uncovering national, commercial real asset opportunities easily and efficiently
  • Fractionalization of real assets and democratization of commercial real estate

Accepted for 1 CFP / IWI / CFA CE Credit