AdvisorEngine’s Ramsey On Why Relationships And Technology Shouldn’t Be Mutually Exclusive

Craig Ramsey, Chief Operating Officer, AdvisorEngine met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss what makes AdvisorEngine a different kind of technology company.

AdvisorEngine, focused on helping advisors rethink and implement scalable technology, does a little bit of everything. Rather than serving just one category, Ramsey says they work with clients to build a range of integrations, including paperless client on-boarding, portfolio analytics, goals-based financial planning and CRM.

“Online presence starts before an advisor has even had a meeting with a prospect,” said Ramsey on importance of online positioning.  Once the relationship has been made, firms should be using technology to propel it forward.  “Technology doesn’t have to be the enemy of building relationships,” suggests Ramsey.

AdvisorEngine’s digital platforms are fully open architecture, meaning that each client-tailored platform offers access points to all products.  Ramsey says his team really emphasizes partnership in the implementation process and aims to get a platform up and running quickly and efficiently.

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