Adviser Investments On Delivering Personalized Wealth Management

Adviser Investments, a Boston-based RIA, seeks to stand out from the rest with truly personalized wealth management services and a big investment in growth.

Led by CEO Dan Silver and CIO Jim Lowell, Adviser Investments is a nationally recognized RIA focused on fee-only holistic wealth management. Today, Adviser Investments serves over 3,500 clients across the U.S. and offers a full suite of services including, investment management, financial planning, tax planning, managed bonds and 401(k) advisory services.

The idea behind Adviser Investments formed in the early 90’s alongside the emergence of Vanguard’s low-cost investment philosophy and the ensuing demand for personalized wealth management. Upon launching Adviser Investments in 1994, Co-Founder’s David Thorne, Daniel Wiener and Dan Silver saw a unique opportunity to deliver affordable, unbiased investment advice.

Adviser Investments crossed the $1 billion mark in 2006 and has experienced rapid growth ever since. After completing several major acquisitions over the last several years, the firm has nearly tripled in size since 2016 and currently manages roughly $7 billion in AUM. Wiener attributes the firm’s success to an unwavering focus on doing what’s best for the client and delivering a truly unique client experience. On the investment side, Adviser Investment’s integrates a client’s long-term personal goals and risk tolerance to build an extensively-researched portfolio. Identifying top portfolio managers, who have proven to meet or exceed their benchmarks with less risk, remains a key focus for the in-house research team.

Adviser Investments also has a Managed Bond Program, which provides investors with exposure to the bond market through individual bonds, rather than bond funds, which allows for a high level of flexibility and customization.

Adviser Investments launched their podcast, “The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast,” in February 2018. In each podcast episode, Adviser Investments’ team of wealth management professionals discuss personal finance topics and tips for investors.

Adviser Investments is #18 on RIA Channel’s Top 100 Wealth Manager List.