Advent’s Odell Lambroza Talks Event Driven Strategies

Alternative Investment Strategies For All Markets

Odell Lambroza, Portfolio Manager, Advent Capital sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his investment strategy and outlook on the markets.  Advent is sub-adviser to the Transamerica Event Driven Strategies Fund. Advent manages over $9 billion in assets under management in traditional and alternative assets. Lambroza manages the Transamerica’s Event Driven Strategies Fund using a long/short, multi-strategy approach to obtain absolute return. Deeply rooted in fundamental research experience and process, Lambroza’s team looks to identify catalysts that may effect corporate pricing. Absolute return strategies aim to perform well in all market conditions. Lambroza discusses how these strategies fit in an overall asset allocation model for advisors given the diversification benefits and underlying investment approach.