ACG’s Greg Fink Talks ROBO And Beyond

Greg Fink, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACG Wealth, met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his transition to the firm and ACG’s digital offering.

Fink, who came to ACG with twenty years of experience working with RIAs,  was tasked to guide the hybrid firm through its recent rapid growth by acquisition.  With expansion into four states, Fink prioritized putting a focus on systematization and institutionalization, while still maintaining an active growth mode.

Another source of ACG’s growth is the launch of  Digital ACG, a separate line of business which pivots away from a solely “brick and mortar” approach. Fink explained that as the Baby Boomer money moves to GEN X, a more affordable ROBO Advisor may be better suited to their needs. From the investment side, the digital offering will include a passive solution of seven ETF models,  and four actively managed equity sleeves.

ACG Wealth, is a fast-growing RIA firm with approximately $2 billion in total assets under management and offices in New York, Atlanta, Houston and Raleigh/Durham.