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  • 3 Currency Calls Take on Geopolitical Risk August 17, 2017
    Unlike conventional market wisdom, Tom Clarke, co-portfolio manager of the William Blair Macro Allocation Fund, sees investment opportunities in re-risking the portfolio by taking on the geopolitical risk of populist movements. In a recent interview with Citywire, Clarke discussed his top three currency calls in this environment.
    William Blair News
  • Power Shifts in Middle East Game Theater August 15, 2017
    Several recent political developments have shifted powers in our Middle East game theater analysis; however, our investment implications have remained largely unchanged.
    Brian Singer, CFA, Partner
  • Macro Themes Pushing Prices Around August 9, 2017
    There are a number of macro developments out there that are actually themes that are pushing asset prices, whether they’re stocks or bonds and currencies, away from and toward fundamental values. There are two very important ones for us right now.
    Brian Singer, CFA, Partner
  • Is the Market on Cruise Control? August 3, 2017
    Some investors are beginning to think the market is on cruise control, as the S&P 500, the MSCI Europe, and the MSCI Asia ex-Japan indices, for the first time in 30 years, have not had a 5 percent pull back this year. Brian Singer, head of William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, joined a panel […]
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  • Economic Expansion Favors Active Stock Selection July 27, 2017
    Bolstered by a combination of improving global growth and strengthening corporate earnings, global equity markets continued to grind higher in the first half of 2017, with the MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index (IMI) gaining 11.32% in U.S. dollar terms for the six-month period.
    Olga Bitel


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