Top 100 Emerging RIA Firms ETF Power Users Ranking Methodology:

RIA Database identified and ranked RIA wealth management firms using the most exchange traded funds (ETFs). Wealth managers were defined by the following characteristics: 1) total assets were primarily managed for high net worth and non-high net worth individual clients; 2) each firm provides comprehensive wealth management services; 3) any firm may be a family office or may provide family office services; and/or 4) firms may provide financial planning services. Broker/dealers were excluded. Firms must be a U.S. registered investment advisers (RIA), and have issued an unrestricted Form ADV form clear of any disciplinary disclosures to the SEC.  Wealth managers were then ranked based on ETF usage as reported to the SEC per their 13F quarterly Edgar filings as of September 30, 2018. Emerging wealth managers were defined by their total assets and growth in total assets. Each firm is under $500M in total assets under management and has had growth in total assets of 10% or greater over the past two years. Total ETF assets were aggregated by RIA Database. Assets under management are as reported to the SEC as of December 31, 2018.