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Loomis Sayles investment experts give their outlook on key themes in 2017.

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  • The Importance of Income (Video)
    In a recent video, Ken Johnson comments on the importance of income and the potential benefits of owning bonds in a rising interest rate environment. This video is part of our 60 Seconds series, featured on YouTube, where Loomis Sayles investment experts discuss market insights, portfolio positioning and macro commentary.  
  • Italian Elections: The Political Climate Heats Up
    Markets breathed a sigh of relief as centrist Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency on Sunday, May 7. Despite the seemingly good news, Italian bonds sold off as investors prepare for turbulent Italian politics ahead. Italy, with its lagging economic growth and chronically ill banking sector, is due to hold its next election before May […]
  • What’s Driving the Future of the Auto Industry?
    The global auto industry completed a successful year in 2016, driven by solid sales performance in the US, China and Western Europe. However, South America and Russia continued to post weak sales figures due to underlying economic difficulties. While I expect continued growth in global sales in 2017, the underlying fundamentals are weakening in two of […]
  • Trump’s Tax Proposal: The Opening Move in a Poker Game
    Corporate tax highlights: Cut the corporate income tax rate from its current 35% to 15%. Apply the revised 15% corporate tax rate to "pass-through" entities, which include most partnerships and limited liability companies (small businesses) Levy a one-time tax on the approximate $2.6 trillion in earnings that US corporations hold offshore—though the rate at which those assets would […]
  • Global Growth Themes and Forecasts (Infographic)
     A synchronized pickup in global economic activity has lifted the spirits of businesses, consumers and investors worldwide. Though many equity markets are near 52-week highs and credit spreads are near multi-year lows, corporate profits are now growing again in most countries. This profit rebound, along with our expectation that global growth will continue to strengthen, […]
  • Turkish Referendum: Local Markets Rally, But For How Long?
    So far, the market’s reaction to Turkey’s historic referendum on the adoption of a national presidential system on April 16 has been positive, with local bonds and the currency rallying. Despite a slim margin, this was a major win for President Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP). The results lead to further consolidation […]


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Loomis Sayles Blog: Landscape

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