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  • President Xi Jinping: His Own Man
    China's President Xi Jinping is not a newcomer to the world political stage. But now, nearly five years into his presidency, many seem fixated on trying to define him. It’s not surprising—China and President Xi are front and center in some of today’s biggest headline risks, including the volatile situation in North Korea and the […]
  • Who Could Win? The Impact of Tax Reform on Financial and Real Estate Stocks (Infographic)
    The US House of Representatives passed a tax reform bill on November 16. How could it affect financial and real estate stocks?
  • The S&P 500’s Extended Bull Run: Can It Last?
    The current equity bull market has been chugging along, enjoying unusually low volatility in recent quarters. The S&P 500® Index is on an extended bull run. The index hasn’t had so much as a 5% correction since February 2016, and it has gone without a 20% or greater pullback since March 2009. The most recent pullback […]
  • Global Growth Themes and Forecasts (Infographic)
    Global growth has chugged along at a modest pace throughout 2017, and I expect more of the same heading into 2018. Read on for a visual snapshot of our key themes across the globe. 
  • Jerome Powell Nominated for Fed Chair: Our Reaction
    The Trump administration announced Jerome Powell as its choice for Federal Reserve Chair on November 2. The following are some thoughts on what we could expect from a Powell appointment. 
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  • Don’t Cry for the Argentine Peso
    The Argentine peso has depreciated by more than 40% since 2015, but I believe it is due for stabilization and could offer a carry trade opportunity with attractive risk-to-reward potential. Improving scenarios The devaluation started in 2015, when Mauricio Macri was elected president and enacted several austerity policies in an attempt to reform the Argentine […]


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