Emerging Markets – Catching the Global Growth Wave

Portfolio Managers David Rolley and Elisabeth Colleran talk about where they’re seeing opportunities in emerging markets.

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  • Oil Price Volatility: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?
    After taking a hit earlier this summer, oil prices have climbed back around $50 a barrel. What’s my advice on oil price volatility? Hang in there. The good news—we’ve been through this before. The bad news—we’ve been through this before. Ultimately, I think the oil market can self correct. Projected demand is up, and in […]
  • London Office Property Prices – Going Over the Cliff?
    London office property prices have stayed surprisingly high since the Brexit vote to leave the European Union (EU) in mid-2016. A recent rise in vacancy levels (from a low base) hasn’t yet made a dent in high rent costs, while low transaction prices have attracted foreign buyers lured by the post-Brexit fall of the British […]
  • Global Growth Themes and Forecasts (Infographic)
    After a dip in global real economic growth last year, when a collapse in oil prices crushed the energy sector and related industries, I see global real GDP growth climbing to about 3.4% this year, leveling off through 2018. I also expect emerging market growth to outpace developed market growth this year and next, and […]
  • 2017 Mid-Year Investment Outlook: 14 Experts On What To Watch
    Fourteen Loomis Sayles investment experts address the key issues they’re watching for the remainder of 2017. Read on for their insights:
    Loomis Sayles Research
  • Looking Ahead of Earnings - 60 Seconds with Craig Burelle (Video)
    One of the highlights of the second quarter for me was making upward revisions to forward earnings estimates for US and global indices—we hadn't been able to do this in several years. In percentage terms, the revisions may seem small, but it is the direction of the change that points toward fundamental improvement worldwide. We […]
  • Will Global Assets Continue to Outperform? (Video)
    Global credit and equity markets have outperformed the US so far this year. While volatility in global markets is very low right now, geopolitical risks can change things quickly. Will this growth trend continue for the rest of the year? Watch our 60 Seconds video with portfolio manager Maura Murphy for some insight.


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