2017 Mid-Year Insights: Hedging the Market via Alternative Strategies

In the current eight-year bull market, many investors are looking for ways to “lock in” their gains and turning to options that offer more downside protection. SVP Head of Alternative Investments Cleo Chang explains how two alternative investment strategies fit the bill.

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  • Risk and Retirement Investing
    Risk in investing is often simply thought of as volatility of returns. But in a retirement context, the concept must be so broad as to encompass an entire range of risks, up to and including the risk of running out of money in retirement. Briefly, we want to share with investors our framework for thinking […]
    Rich Weiss
  • Bond Market Backdrop Bolsters the Search for Value
    Long-term bond investors have enjoyed an extended period of positive performance. And there are few reasons to expect any big changes in bond market fundamentals, at least in the near term. But along with this status quo backdrop comes a mounting challenge—finding value among bonds. Despite a handful of short-term disruptions over the last several […]
    Dave MacEwen
  • Tulip Fever: Insights and Implications
    Dutch tulips, Internet stocks, condo flipping—examples all of famous bubbles. Even Hollywood is getting in on the action, with a period drama “Tulip Fever” just released. And why not? It’s the perfect story of red-hot emotion running up against cool reason. These examples show that markets can be swept up by emotion, fascinated by fads, […]
    Vinod Chandrashekaran
  • Look Beneath the Surface to Understand Growth Versus Value Performance
    Value stocks have dramatically underperformed growth stocks over the last 10 years. Over this stretch, which includes its peak prior to the financial crisis in October 2007, the Russell 3000® Growth Index outperformed the Russell 3000® Value Index by an astonishing 3.23 percent annualized.1 The spread between growth and value was driven by a confluence of […]
    Phil Davidson, CFA
  • Secular Over Cyclical Growth
    Growth-oriented stocks have performed very well of late, leading to questions from clients about the sustainability of the growth rally and a flurry of articles about whether or not we are experiencing a growth stock bubble. In this edition of CIO Insights, we argue that there are some broader secular economic and company-specific conditions that […]
    Greg Woodhams, CFA
  • Has the Bull Market Gotten a Bit Long in the “FANGs”?
    The current equity bull market in the U.S. has been running, almost unchecked, since the end of the financial crisis in early 2009. While many U.S. companies rebounded as the Federal Reserve initiated its accommodative monetary policy and the economy recovered, that run has been dominated by information technology (IT) stocks in general, and by […]
    Keith Creveling, CFA


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